Foot Acupoint Slipper Massage
Foot Acupoint Slipper Massage
Foot Acupoint Slipper Massage
Foot Acupoint Slipper Massage
Foot Acupoint Slipper Massage

Foot Acupoint Slipper Massage

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  • Very convenient and safe home health care 
  • Foot massage doesn't need any equipment, not affected by space limitation, as long as the massage shoes on their feet, don't delay any work, save time. The practice has proved, safe and effective is the greatest advantage of the foot. This therapy need not give or take an injection to take medicine, no traumatic, without any side effects, sick cure, no disease can strengthen, complete with the medical profession and the social public praise highly "no wound medicine" and "natural therapy" requirements.
  • Surprise effect of health care
  • The foot can prevent and treat hundreds of diseases, such as a headache, toothache, acute lumbar sprain, hernia, diarrhea, often just a message, can do except disease. As for many chronic incurable diseases, such as sugar disease, high blood pressure, insomnia, prostatic hyperplasia and so on, so long as has the perseverance
  • Adhere to the massage, also has a surprising effect.
  • Rapid recovery human health



  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Application: Foot
  • Size: Medium,Large
  • Material: Cotton, EVA, PVC
  • Function: Promote Blood Circulation
  • Type: Foot Acupoint Slipper Massager
  • Size: Women Size And Men Size
  • Weight: 290G



  • Foot massage foot certain parts or acupuncture points, in addition, to produce corresponding therapy effect outside, still can appear some response to treatment. 
  • According to many years of experience, this reaction can be divided into two categories; One is a normal reaction; The second is a special reaction. (normal reaction) in the foot massage treatment.
  • Serious kidney disease patients after the massage, within a certain period of time, urine may become black or red. Continue to massage down, naturally return to normal.
  • Back pain of patients, the message will be back after more pain. But through the 1 days. Sickness big reduction, this is after massage blood flow speed, main and collateral channels unblocked produced during the reaction.
  • Varices after the massage, intravenous will be more obvious increasing coarse. This is a good one million head, it is to change the blood, push Chen to new effect. Should stick to continue to massage, don't discontinuity.
  • Some patients after the massage, ankle swelling of the will, especially with lymphatic return disorder patients. Don't be afraid, continue to massage on, wait for after fluid flowing. Swelling can natural extinction.

Package Include:
1 Pair Acupoint Slipper Massager.